Robert Ellis with James Coplestone Robert Ellis and James Coplestone with some of their friends

A brief history of the Robert James Workshop

Robert Ellis and James Coplestone met over twenty years ago working for ‘Theatre of the Heart’, a theatre company that journeyed through the open landscape creating stories and characters generated from the environment.

Since then they have worked with hundreds of adults and children cultivating their imagination through play in the landscape.

They now work directly from classic literature and have a large collection of rare books which they use as a source for their inspiration.

The collection is based on Tenniel’s illustrations from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ as well as some characters from other classic children's books, and is the culmination of eleven years’ work.

These bronze sculptures are based on characters from classic literature. Modelled in terracotta and cast in bronze using the cira perdu (lost wax) process, this extraordinary collection is lovingly created by Robert Ellis and James Coplestone of the Robert James Workshop Ltd. Only the highest quality materials are used and strictly limited editions are cast. Each piece is stamped for authenticity.

Inspiration for the Robert James Workshop arises from the wealth of characters available in the stories, fairytales, myths, plays and legends in classic books. Some of the figures are created from illustrations remembered from childhood while others arise from personal interpretations evoked by words from the page.

Our desire is to bring feelings of wonder and enchantment from childhood into the contemporary garden.

Robert James Ltd is based in Charmouth, Dorset, England.