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Bronze and Resin bronze sculptures are given a patina which should last a long time. The surface colour of the sculpture will change however and eventually turn a verdigris colour due to the high copper content of the piece. Oxidisation of bronze naturally turns green. The surface is a 'living surface' which changes and is the natural beauty of bronze work. However, such changes can be delayed up to a point by applying wax which provides some protection.

The environment your bronze is placed in will also affect the surface quality. Bird excrement, salty air, plants and trees which produce sap can aggressively change the look of the bronze. Cold cast sculptures and miniatures are not as rugged as hot cast, so please be aware of this when handling them. Always choose a solid part of the sculpture when lifting, avoiding the thinner areas like arms or other protruding parts. Placement is also an important factor when choosing a location and in particular, keep your sculptures away from large trees that might drop branches.

Please do ask us for advice on where to place your sculpture, although 'Robert James Workshop Ltd' cannot take responsibility for environmental affects to the colouring of your bronze sculpture.


The White Rabbit in a customer's garden
Alice in a customer's garden

Warranty information

Robert James Workshop Ltd offers a one year warranty on Cold Cast Sculptures and ten years on Hot Cast Sculptures. This applys to defects in the manufacturing process ONLY and not as a result of misuse or accidental damage. Water Features are also subject to a one year guarantee and we also offer a maintenance service for the working parts. Please contact James for a quotation.

James making some repairs to a customer's sculpture