The Mad Hatter water feature detail

Our Bronze Water Features (Including Some Sculptures)

Our Water Features benefit from being self-contained - incorporating a water reservoir with a pump that recycles from the sump, up the body of the sculpture and returning into the sump again. The beauty of this system is that the Sculpture has no need for mains water connection. All that is required is a fill of water, plugging it in and switching it on! Customers have often requested that the Sculptures are situated in a pond, whereby the reservoir of water is fed from the pond.

We are always happy to install our work, but will need to discuss details before a quotation is provided for this service. IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly advise that our Water Features are drained out over the winter months to prevent freezing damage to the pump.

Please click / tap on any of our Water Features below to view enlargements and information, including our ordering and shipping details. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if your have any questions and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

The Mad Hatter bronze water feature (large) Mad Hatter
Water Feature (large)
43 inches / 110 cm
£6,000 to £19,000
The Mad Hatter bronze water feature (small) Mad Hatter
Water Feature (small)
24 inches / 61 cm
£2,800 to £9,950
The Mad March Hare bronze water feature Mad March Hare
Water Feature
27.5 inches / 80 cm
£3,500 to £9,450
Boy with Umbrella bronze water featureBoy with Umbrella
Water Feature
18 inches / 45 cm
£2,800 to £9,950
The Barefoot King bronze water featureBarefoot King
Water Feature
33 inches / 84 cm
£4,500 or £15,000
The Water Tableau bronze water featureWater Tableau
Sculpture & Water Features
51 inches / 137 cm
£16,000 or £90,000
The Owl & The Pussy-cat bronze sculpture Owl & The Pussy-Cat
42 inches / 97 cm
£5,000 to £19,000
Aesop's The Crow & The Pitcher bronze water featureAesop's Crow
Water Feature
22 inches / 56 cm
£4,250 (Hot Cast only)
Aesop's The Crow & The Pitcher bronze water featureThe Willow Fairy
Water Feature
23.6 inches / 60cm
£5,500 (Hot Cast only)

Bronze Sculptures that Compliment Our Water Features

Although not Water Features themselves, there are a number of our bronze sculptures that lend themselves to being situated in or near water as they provide an aesthetic quality in such a location. In particular, the Owl & The Pussycat and Peter Pan & Tinkerbell. Both of these sculptures can be installed in water, providing the illusion that they are floating on the surface.

In addition, the Water Tableau is a striking water feature combination comprising the larger Mad Hatter, the Mad March Hare and with the Dormouse.

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell bronze sculpture